Bitcoin Market Experts Joff Paradise Picks for Crypto –

by Joff Paradise | 14 Feb, 2020 11:02 am | News

Bitcoin Market Experts Joff Paradise Picks for Crypto


The Internet has a wide variety of online bitcoin market experts that help traders predict market moves and analyze the technical aspects. One of the best tools you can use to hone your skills is to follow reputable, knowledgeable individuals willing to share their expertise. One can certainly find a ton of “crypto experts” that offer their own insights, but here are a few worth checking out. These influencers can be very helpful if you remain objective and cultivate your own crypto-educational skills.


In our opinion, there are some bitcoin market experts, traders, technical analysts, strategists, and educators that have proven to be reliable in the crypto space. While no one knows what the bitcoin market will do next, and those who profess to know are more often proven wrong than right, these influencers are insightful and know what they’re talking about. They are featured here because their focus is on educating those individuals interested in successful involvement with cryptocurrency.

Tone Vays

bitcoin-market-analyst-tone-vaysWith a 10-year Wall Street background as a Risk Analyst at Bear Stearns and later a VP at JP Morgan Chase after the 2008 financial crisis, Tone Vays brings solid experience to the table. His almost daily live videos feature his expertise in Economic Trends, Risk Analysis, and Trading while giving his take on bitcoin market moves, as well as the stock market. A Masters in Financial Engineering helps Tone deliver sound insights as he works to educate viewers on the importance of cryptocurrency – Bitcoin in particular. You may not always agree with Tone’s daily analysis, but you do always learn something and he is very entertaining!

Additionally, Tone invites other bitcoin market experts in the crypto space to guest host and share their own perspectives. His guests don’t always agree with him, which makes their interaction even more engaging and worthwhile.


Joe Saz

Crypto analyst Joe Saz has been helping others navigate the bitcoin market since 2015, and is a frequent guest host on Tone Vays daily videos. His “Bitcoin Ed” provides education free to those newcomers entering the crypto space and teaches prospective investors the underlying technology, economic and political implications of Bitcoin, how to enter the market, trade, and safely store Bitcoin. Joe’s trading analysis of the lower timeframes is particularly insightful for swing traders. He recently said in an AlcoinBuzz interview that Bitcoin just entered the disbelief period. He explained the disbelief period begins a new long-term phase termed the Bitcoin bull market. Let’s hope Joe is right!


Nick Core

Nick Core is an experienced analyst who offers online training, indicators and advanced courses. He prefers to help others by teaching the art of technical analysis vs. encouraging the blind following of either signals or someone else’s opinion.

Nick is also a frequent guest host for Tone Vays, and his serious nature is infectious to those of us looking for the “pearls” dropped by successful traders in the bitcoin market that help us develop our own strategies. He offers a high level of clarity, is extremely consistent, and usually spot-on with his take on where the market is going, as well as how it got there.

Willy Woo

bitcoin-market-analyst-willy-wooIt only takes one look at Willy Woo’s website to know you’ve found a gem. His no-nonsense style is instantly evident, as it is when watching him live-stream his take on the market and explaining his awesome analytical charts. This entrepreneur investor has a way of making the data he endlessly and expertly analyzes in his own unique way, both understandable and relevant. Warning: Willy Woo bought his first bitcoin in 2013 and “fell down a rabbit hole” in his words. Some of his analytics make you feel you’ve gone down that rabbit hole with him! It is far easier to understand his charts when he explains them, as he frequently does on live-streams with Tone.

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